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Fortuna, by MML Investors Services, is a digital investment platform providing automated portfolio management, coupled with the guidance and long-term focus that comes with having a dedicated financial advisor.

We craft a diversified portfolio comprised of low-cost ETF investments based on your individual situation. We then auto-rebalance your investments over time to keep you on track.

Investing made easy

Opening an account is simple. Plus, you can get started for as little as $5,000 in investable assets.

24/7 access to your investments on any device

Get updates on your portfolio anytime on any device. You’ll also receive a weekly email containing your portfolio status and email updates on trades, dividends, and asset milestones.

Tax-efficient, low cost ETF portfolios

Fortuna can manage multiple accounts together, which allows it to allocate your holdings in a tax-efficient way, helping to avoid realized capital gains and opportunistically harvesting tax losses.

Image above represents the Fortuna client dashboard. It is for illustrative purposes only. As with any investment, there can be no assurance of future performance with Fortuna.

We have been helping people secure their futures for more than 160 years. Our Financial Professionals have answers.

Who is behind Fortuna? What is Fortuna’s investment philosophy and methodology?

Get answers to those questions and more.

Phone: 855-877-6164, M-F 8AM – 5PM EST

Investment advisory services offered through investment adviser representatives of MML Investors Services, LLC. MML Investors Services is a subsidiary of Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual).