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Advisory and Trust Services

No matter how you came into your wealth — whether you’ve sold your business, invested successfully, or received an inheritance — you can take steps to optimize your assets and create a clear plan for achieving your financial goals. With proper wealth planning, you can accomplish a wide range of objectives such as leaving a legacy for the next generation or supplementing your retirement income.

Wealth Management Services

Fixed index annuities offer an opportunity for growth from interest crediting. Generally, index accounts are credited with indexed-linked interest, if any, annually.1 If offered, fixed accounts are credited with interest daily.

Financial Planning Services

Fixed index annuities provide lifetime income via annuitization or a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit rider (elected at application for an additional cost).

Private Client Services

Fixed index annuities protect contract value from market loss, whether you focus on asset growth or lifetime income. In years where there is little or no interest credited, however, the costs for riders such as a guaranteed lifetime withdrawal benefit may slightly decrease contract value.


Is a trust right for you?

Setting up a trust can be a valuable part of your wealth management strategy. In recent years, trusts have been favored as a common gifting mechanism and a potential tax shelter from creditors.


Financial diversity
for volatile stock

Consult your MassMutual advisor if the stock market
is volatile. Try not to make rash decisions that will
impact the security of your financial future.

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